Our Services

While digital marketing is the core of how Simplified Marketing Concepts can help businesses succeed, we have learned that some of our customers need help with other aspects of operating a business. To that end we also offer personnel management consulting so that our business customers have everything they may need to succeed.

Our Digital Marketing services focus on helping a business increase and improve their digital presence online. This can be in the form of website consultation, content design, social media activities, comprehensive campaigns, or a combination of these elements.

Our Personnel Management Consultation services assists client companies with all aspects of personnel management, including hiring, training, developing, and retaining the right people for their businesses.

We at Simplified Marketing Concepts have earned a reputation for “getting stuff done”.  Occasionally one of our client companies has a unique need that doesn’t fit into the services listed above. If you think that SMC might be able to help with a special issue, feel free to contact our representative and we will do our best to be of assistance.