Personnel Management Consulting

Our customers really know their business! Sometimes, however, growing pains include hiring, training, and retaining qualified people to become part of the team. Having competent and motivated employees is essential for growing any business. Simplified Marketing Concepts can help with this. Whether your business needs total help or just one small piece of the puzzle provided by SMC, we will provide a customized approach to solving your personnel puzzles.

Job Descriptions – Having competent employees who perform consistently exceed customer expectations begins with a clear and comprehensive job description. SMC can write these for you so that they accurately reflect what is expected of each employee, and then we can translate those job descriptions into effective new hire training.

Hiring – Many small to medium business owners hate the hiring process. It can be tedious, frustrating, and it can be difficult weeding out the “wheat from the chaff”. Whether it’s assisting you with hiring ad content or doing the entire hiring, interviewing, and credentialing process, SMC can help ensure that you hire people who are a good match with your company.

Training/Education – Employee turnover is a significant financial drag on any business. New hires especially need to feel as though they have been properly trained and prepared for their jobs, or they may not last. Equipping your staff with thorough training and education is vital to them being able to do their jobs well.  SMC can work with you to build an efficient, comprehensive training and education program that not only starts new employees out on the right foot, but also provides additional educational opportunities for those key employees whom you want to develop as the business grows.

Simplified Marketing Concepts uses an integrated approach in applying the components of personnel management listed above. We will provide your business with a customized package that can be periodically re-evaluated and modified as your company’s needs evolve.